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Cleantech Renewable and Conventional Energy
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TRU Frontier Industries

TRU Group Inc has a diverse capability in the innovative advanced energy-related industries of today. Our TRU Energy Team is one of the strongest available and here is a sampling of our assignments -

Strategy, Planning and Financing

Lithium BatteryLithium-ion Battery • New Graphite Li-fiber Battery Launch
TRU prepared commercialization strategies and business plan for a company developing lithium-ion batteries made with a new Li-fiber [carbon-carbon graphite containing] anode. The new carbon-carbon fiber technology is claimed to be superior to existing Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries especially for higher energy applications (for example, in particular for the plug-in electric vehicle). Also see more on : TRU Lithium & Brine Teamtru-graphite-graphene-consultant

Rare Earth Element Elements - Industry and Competitiveness

Rare Earth Elements Competitiveness West Vs China
TRU rare earth metals consultants identified and assessed promising heavy rare earth metals development projects under development in the west and ranked them according to clients criteria. In particular TRU assessed the west's capability to supply REE needed for electric vehicles and batteries. Evaluated processing amenability and compared costs of various producers compared to China. Modelled processes and costs of production. Determined competitiveness with REE producers in China and the outlook for western verses Chinese market. Focused on heavy HREE (examples, dysprosium Dy, Europium Eu, Terbium Tb, Yttrium, Y) used in permanent magnets for electric motors. Typical minerals are Aeschynite Bastnasite Eudialyte Euxenite Fergusonite Gadolinite Loparite Monazite Monsadrite Orthite. Recommended a strategy for client to fulfill its rare earth development requirement. TRU has a full capability in rare earth process engineering and REO plant design: For details view TRU REE Rare Earth Elements REO

Detailed Feasibility of Clean Coal Technology Energy Complex

Coal Coking Plant and Coal Gasification Feasibility
TRU gasifier consulting team undertook a detailed feasibility study of a coal based energyTRU Gasifier Engineering and Gasification Engineering complex comprising a coal coking plant, coke-oven-gas, coal gasification, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles IGCC, power plant, coal handling and coal mining. Studied options and determined best technical, environmental and economic conclusions. Obtained quotations from suppliers in the west and China. Also assessed local coal resource, coal mining issues and mining costs. Detailed operational and financial plan compiled. See:TRU Gasifier and Gas Chemicalsand TRU Cleantech Coal for Thermal Power Plants

Hydraulic Fracture (Shale Gas Fracking) Treatment Capability -
Complimentary Expertise in Fracking as Adjunct to TRU Gas & Gas Chemicals Work

Fracking has been a major determinant in the USA of the rapid fall in natural gas prices a factor which could be a game-changer for other industries TRU is active in. Therefore we have built a strong advisory expertise in in the design, execution and analysis of multifaceted studies in unconventional resources (shale oil & gas) both onshore and offshore.tru-hydraulic-fracturing-fracking This includes production enhancement, well construction, completions, well performance optimization, well testing, workovers, and interventions. TRU experts have long experience in reservoir engineering and reservoir development projects. They developed innovative technologies to predict and solve the serious and costly problem of screenouts for example. TRU assignment completed in oil & gas field equipment investment, methods and product/markets. We are expereinced in organoclay and ceramic proppants for oil & gas drilling and in (coal) gas-based urea fertilizer plant.

Technology Forecasting & Econometric Modeling

Green versus Conventional Energy
TRU evaluated the integrity and usefulness of comprehensive USA MITRE technology foresight model. The model is multivariate containing technology, manufacturing, and use factors for both conventional and renewable energy. Other econometric models used in analyzing aspects of renewable energy production and use were compared.


Electric Vehicles & EV Batteries 2020 for Mitsubishi Corporation

Technology Forecasting - Market Outlook Assessment
TRU Group Inc examined issues at play in the development of the electric vehicle EV PEV HEV EV including its segments hybrid HEV, plug-in PHEV and full electric vehicles PEV. Forecast global EV demand through 2020. Much of the evaluation concerned the readiness of battery technology especially lithium li-ion and disruptive cell technology, to meet the special performance demands for the electric vehicle. Battery innovation was a driving determinant of EV market potential. Also view TRU Group Inc summary-

Product Substitution & Demand Estimation

Renewable Energy for Remote Locations & Communities
TRU Group Inc conducted an in depth assessment of energy use in remote villages/ camps and other non-grid-connected location. Estimated energy consumption by end use and type. Reviewed technology for displacement by renewable energy such as small-scale hydropower, photovoltaic & thermal solar, wind & tidal power, geothermal, peat and conservation.

Market and Competition Analysis

Thermal Solar Panel Market
TRU undertook an in-depth assessment of thermal solar energy including compiling a comprehensive inventory of installations. Examined the techno-economics of thermal solar for various applications, including commercial buildings, homes, process water heating, and pools. Prepared historical segmented data on usage and forecast of demand.

New Product Launch in the United States

Retrofit Insulation Product
TRU conducted a market study in a United States regional market to assess the acceptability of a new insulation product to be sold to contractors and homeowners. Surveyed contractors and retailers. Made solid conclusions and provided client with product launch strategy.

NRC R&D Plan for Energy Building Research

Energy Conservation in Buildings
TRU worked with the National Research Council to develop research and development priorities for energy conservation in buildings. TRU advised and facilitated a Task Force to examine technological issues that affected energy use in buildings and ways in which R&D could address those issues. Set objectives and scope out the R&D plan.

Data Gathering and Survey

Energy Use in School Buildings
TRU surveyed the use of various forms of conventional energy in school buildings as part of a program for finding an approach to energy savings. This was a first phase data gathering census of educational institutions in specified regions to be used by the government to institute energy saving measures in buildings that they own.

Survey of Potential

Manufacturing Sector Energy Conservation
TRU undertook a surveys of manufacturing companies to obtain data on their use and attitude towards energy conservation. This was for a major electric utility that was interested in encouraging energy conservation and looking for ways to manage peak power loads on their network.

Market, Techno-economic and Industry Assessment

Photovoltaic Solar Cells
TRU assessed the state of technology and industry development of the solar cell and solar panel market. In depth survey of solar photovoltaic cellsapplication and consumption of solar cells. Examined methods and techno-economics of manufacturing cells. Compared products on the market and in the pipeline. Technology foresight modeled and demand forecasts made.

Marketing Study for Start-up Company

Passive Solar Windows
TRU assisted a start-up company to establish information on markets for their passive solar window designs. Regional market size was calculated, customers identified and product designs assessed. TRU client was advised on methods it should use to penetrate the American market.

Consumption, Application and Industry Assessments

Insulation Products & Industry Competition
TRU conducted an in depth survey of insulation markets and competition with the objective of measuring the impact of the Government's "Home Insulation Program". Effectiveness of insulation products were evaluated. TRU Interviewed contractors and insulation manufacturers, and used concurrent homeowner surveys to assess market demand.


Diesel Power Generation Plant Design

Grid Connected Diesel Generation Plant
TRU assessed energy requirements and designed the diesel generation plant for a major smelter to be located in a remote location but with possibilities for connection to a low tension power grid. Specified the basic design for the diesel gas-turbine-generators and related switch gear and controls. Obtained supplier quotations for the plant.

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