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Bankable Feasibility Study of TRU Multi-Plant Operation Animation

menuThe above animation is an example of a TRU Group Inc two-year assignment resulting is the completion of a bankable engineering and business study for a $700 million integrated facility involving modernization and expansion (shown in red) of an existing facility (shown in blue). The new plant designed and engineered by TRU included -

  • Air Separation Plant (to produce oxygen for coal gasification and nitrogen for ammonia Production)
  • Coal Gasification Plant (to produce syngas hydrogen for ammonia production)
  • Ammonia Plant (to supply ammonia to the existing Ammonium Nitrate Plant and new Urea Plant)
  • Urea Plant for producing urea granules for fertilizer
  • New Clean Coal Powered Power Plant for on site facilities and national grid.

In addition to our strong leading-edge technical process & plant design-and-engineering expertise TRU is superior in business assessment, venture development and advanced strategic analysis. A TRU integrated feasibility study is truly a measure of the viability of the business unmatched in bankability by our competitors.

TRU is totally independent - ensuring the bankable value, integrity and validity or our work!
We have conducted engineering feasibility studies for plants and processes from $10 million to more than a billion around the world. For examples please see under

TRU Group Example Engineering Projects or TRU Group Industry Project Scope or tru group engineering animation

Engineering & Design work at TRU is by American, Canadian or European designated Professional Engineers and "Qualified Persons" under stock market securities regulations and PEO Canada.
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