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TRU Frontier Industry Concept

Global Leadership in Highly Ranked Industries
Focus on Innovative Novel Activity - Manufacturing Consultants in Change

Engineering + Design + Science + Technology + Research + Development + Operate

TRU Frontier Gasifier

TRU Laser Photonic Engineering

High Impact Advancing Industries

3D-Printing Additive Manufacturing
Advanced Equipment
Aerospace & Defense
Green Energy notably batteries & solar cells
Medical Devices, Equipment & Med Aids
Natural Gas - User & Downstream Industries
Pharmaceuticals notably generic drugs
Science & Industry Process Instruments
Shale-Gas Extraction Fracturing (Fracking)
Specialty Metal Alloy & high tech Parts
Strategic Metals & related Chemicals

TRU Group Inc focus is on leading-edge high-tech high-impact advancing technology-intensive industries. In some cases "technology intensity" is found in a "niche segment" of a mature industry so at TRU maintain quite a broad capability. With a core of highly qualified and experienced people and the flexibility to engage the world's best most distinguished experts on a project basis when required we have taken-on the the most challenging assignments. Indeed we thrive on resolving issues where others cannot!

The TRU Frontier Industries [some listed on right] tend to be in early stage of development or are going through a disruptive period due to breakthrough novel technological advances, market or other influence causing rapid change in these interrelated industries. In our Frontier Industries TRU strives for global leadership in its scope of practice including -

    • Globally recognized expert individual team members
    • Most advanced technically in both the engineering and fundamental science
    • Most extended in industry capability from concept through production to detailed application
    • Strongest sector-wide diverse capability at primary, secondary and all downstream levels
    • Most business savvy in technology, managing, operating, finance, marketing and strategy at all levels
    Going forward 2017, TRU projects tough times for manufacturing and the need for the aggressive implementation on advanced manufacturing could not be more urgent. The reality is that US manufacturing faces huge challenges with or without the stress inherent in the radical changes in the trade policies envisaged by the Trump Administration. See Manufacturing needs Production Process Sophistication to Maintain its Global Position.

TRU has built globally recognized leadership in Advancing Frontier Industries. For example, in battery materials see TRU capability at the following links-

We are globally recognized leaders in lithium batteries technology as well as top ranked battery materials consultants. We are also high profile in several other advancing industries or novel technologies such as photonic device / fiber optics [out of Tucson Optics Valley] photovoltaic solar cell experts (both for the materials and fabrication of them). For more industries see frontier materials leading industriesAlso those industry segments related to coal gasification such as coal ash processing and ash conversion for use in the the cement industry. Clean-Coal and Carbon-Storage innovation are relevent too, for example see TRU Cleantech Coal for Thermal Power Plants! Fracking has been a major determinant in the USA of the rapid fall in natural gas prices a factor which could be a game-changer for other industries TRU is active in. We are Technology Forecasting and innovation specialists!

Statements & Events on TRU Frontier Industries:

Prices turn positive for Rare Earths, Lithium, Magnesium & Fertilizer
– TRU to publish papers on strategic materials game-changing issues

TRU Group Inc, release 12, 2013 - Strategic technology consultants TRU says as global prices for rare earth elements, lithium chemicals and magnesium metal bottom-out, the fall in the natural gas price in USA provides a game-changing boost for key industries. “These high value but non-commodity metals have unique considerations for the development of new mines and the selection of extraction technologies” says TRU’s John Roumeliotis, VP Frontier Industries. “More than two thirds are produced in only three countries and at a handful of sites.REE Price Forecast 2013 The feasibility of new projects is contingent on the ability to competitively produce these metals and develop robust market forecasting on both demand and price”. Roumeliotis will be presenting at the Conference of Metallurgists in Montreal October 27, 2013. Download this COM-2013 Paper

TRU president Edward Anderson says “the outlook for strategic material prices has stabilized. Average rare earth prices may have levelled off at around $20,000 per t for 2013 following the steep declines in recent years while lithium carbonate was up only 4% over 2012 at $4,700 per t for 2013.” We expect magnesium metal to average $2,850 per t for this year. Price stability will be aided by the much more competitive natural gas market.TRU Lithium Price Forecast 2013 We see not only stability but important structural changes as the United States wakes-up to the opportunities that exist in the natural gas user industries and downstream gas chemicals sector. Industrial natural gas prices in the United States are even better than available in Qatar allowing the USA to challenge Middle East producers in urea and ammonium nitrate fertilizers for example. The practice of “fracking and coal-gasification have been key technical developments world-wide in achieving this change”.

TRU Group Inc are technical engineering consultants with a strong capability focused on strategic niche industry segments, developing sectors, new processes - game changing or disruptive - and innovative products. Rare earth elements REE, lithium, magnesium and gasification & gas (Natural and Coal) chemicals are core TRU Frontier Industries.
II II Download Roumeliotis COM-2013 Paper

TRU strives for Global Leadership in our designated Frontier Industries
The World's Best Teams in Technology + Capability + Industry Scope

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