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TRU Group Inc President

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Edward R. Anderson, President & CEO
B.Sc.(Hons)., Dpl.(Market Research)., MBA., FC IArb
International Mobile Cell: +1-520-229-7836
(Feel free to text me and I will call you!)

TRU Group Manufacturing Consultants work extensively internationally including United States, Canada, Mexico, EU Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, China, India, Far East, Asia, Middle East, Gulf States, Arab States, Australia, South America, Africa.

United States

141 South 6th Avenue # 1025
Tucson, AZ 85702-1025 USA
Phone: 1-520-575-0674

Edward R. Anderson, MBA - President & CEO - Ext 1
Mike Anderson B.Sc.(Chemical Engineering) - Ext 113
Robert Bagwell, MBA, Director Business Development
Katherine Liu, PhD - Tucson Coordinator - Ext 211
Ihor A. Kunasz, PhD.(Geology)
Kevin Miller, BS, MBA - Ext 212
Sonia Vohnout, M.Sc. Ext 217

TRU Group Project Links

Lithium Compounds & Metal
Rare Earth Elements
Clean Coal Gasification
Magnesium Metal
Graphite Consulting
Stepper Motor and Machine Control
Plastics Team


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95 Prince Arthur Avenue #117
Toronto, ON, M5R 3P6 Canada
Phone: 1-416-935-1754

Edward R. Anderson, MBA - President & CEO - Ext 1
John Roumeliotis, M.Eng, P.Eng- Vice President - Ext 112
Scott Kennedy, B.Sc Eng, MBA, P.Eng (PEO) - Director
Natasha Ababei, B.Sc (Biochemistry). Admin - Ext 0


Humberto Tapia, PhD., MBA - Ext 410
Hermosillo, Sonora

Europe + Cyprus Regional

Bernard Closset, PhD
Switzerland + Cyprus

TRU Group in China 中国

Qiong HE, M.Sc.
Beijing, China

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