TRU Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation

Strategic Planning Facilitator for Manufacturing Enterprises
Facilitator for Activating Strategic Planning Meetings
Strategy + Strategic Analysis + Strategic Planning + Strategy Integration

TRU is much more than a strategic planning meeting facilitator. We are highly qualified and experienced expert TRU Group Strategic Planning Facilitator  strategy analysts too providing independent expertise you need to ensure the integrity and validity of the plan. For your strategic planning meeting you draw on our comprehensive value added Activating Strategy capability as well as our advanced team facilitation methodology to get the most out of your Strategic Planning activities -

  • Pre-forum Mini Strategic Management Diagnostic Audit & Evaluation
  • Pre-forum Strategic Issues Identification or Business Analysis
  • Out-of-the-Box Strategic Stretch Thinking by Strategy Expert
  • Provocative Independent Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation
  • Practical Output, Follow-On, and Strategic Plan Activation
  • Full Activating Strategy Implementation Support

Manufacturing Industry Strategic Planning Expert Consultant

TRU Group Inc Strategy Whitepapers

"Blue Ocean Strategy - Ocean Strategy, Red or Blue, belongs in the Dead Sea!"

"Distribution Strategy - Criteria and Rules. Expand your Sales: In-house Sales Force, Distributors, Outsource or Export?" Aerospace & Manufacturing Summit Panel Notes

US technology-intensive manufacturing needs Visionary Management
to Maintain its Global Position and Build Domestic Production!

Ensure the integrity and validity of your plan... consult TRU Group Inc on all aspects of your strategic plan for a manufacturing industry enterprise!


TRU is much more than a facilitator and has a distinctive capability in technology intensive Strategy Meeting Facilitation