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TRU Group Manufacturing Assignment Examples

TRU Group Broad Sampling Client Engagements in Manufacturing Consulting

Engineering +Technology + Science + Industry Techno-Economics + Feasibility Study
Due Diligence + Strategic Planning + Market Study + Venture Development

TRU photonic fiber optic cableEngineering & Operations

USA Photonic Optoelectronic Components Manufacturing
TRU Group managed engineering and installation of photonic laser erbium doped fiber amplifier fabrication packaging line, specialty telcom-optical-fibre-drawing-tower and the plant clean room. Managed design & engineering of advanced edfa's. Also worked with founders to set strategy, prepare investor business plan, financial modeling, do market research on photonic fiber optic devices, implement product, find investors and build the firm in Tucson, AZ. Obtained $20 million in Silicon ValleyTRU photonic assembly financing, managed building of clean room and ran start-up period.

Coal Gasification for Chemicals Production - Engineering Bankable Feasibility

Coal Synthesis Gas for Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer + New Urea Fertilizer Plant
TRU Group Inc undertook a bankable feasibility study on the viability of a $700 million coal-based synthesis gasification gas plant to produce gas suitable for the production of ammonia and the upgrading of existing facilities for the production of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate fertilizer. TRU Group engineered synthesis gas production and purification including shifting, acid gas removal and any other required processes.
TRU Urea Plant
Also determined requirement and design for capacity enhancement of the air separation, ammonia synthesis, nitric acid and new urea fertilizer facility for urea granules. Similarly, in 2016 TRU is engaged on a technical assessment of another urea plant in India that will use high ash coal. See alsoTRU Coal Gasifier for Chemical Urea AmmoniaTRU Group Thermal Power Clean Coal Consultants

Techno-Marketing & Competitive Positioning

Surgical Operating Microscope - Medical Devices
TRU Group surveyed surgeons at health care establishments to establish the product/market characteristics and technical advances in surgical operating microscopes. Segmented the market by end use, end user and product types.medical device consultant Examined product development, pricing, distribution and promotion. Recommend design. Positioned Wild Leitz in each segment and advised the company on a competitive technical and marketing strategy to build market share. Also see -TRU Group Custom Technical Market Resaearch

Plant Detailed Bankable Feasibility Study

Ferrosilicon & Silicon Metal Engineering
TRU Group undertook a comprehensive feasibility study of a silicon and ferrosilicon plant based on the most advanced engineering. Considered various technologies and configurations for the plant based on optimal economics and market considerations. Engineered process and plant and modeled alternatives. Bankable feasibility study - financial, marketing, business plan, engineering, plant, operations, location and utilities. See TRU Group Silicon Metal Smelter Engineering

Export Marketing & Trade in Brazil

Electronic Components
TRU Group surveyed the Brazilian market and international competition for high-tech electronic components and equipment. We worked out market penetration strategies for the foreign based manufacturer of electronic equipment and subsequently accompanied their salespeople on a Brazilian visit to promote their products.

New Product Positioning & Launch

Spectrometer with Spectral Hyper Adapter
TRU Group Inc assisted small R&D company to launch a Spectral Hyper Adapter that can extend the spectral resolution of Spectral Hyper Adapter conventional grating spectrometers by a factor of ten.Spectral hyper adapterBoosted visitors to Photonics West with pre-show targeted telemarketing campaign. Product was a strong success and later acquired by leading optical instrument company.

New Technology Commercialization

Novel Photo-Thermal Laser Marking & Printing
TRU Group examined the commercialization potential of a new diode laser printing method on a specially photo-thermal coated substrate. The laser-marking equipment assignment was for a large US multinational although the investment target was located in the United Kingdom. The novel Photo-Thermal marking method would replace CO2 laser marking and be competitive with industrial thermal printers and ink jet printers. The new equipment was for direct printing and rapid labeling positioned in the RFID marking and variable digital printing industry. In another assignment 2020 for LEGO UK we evaluated state-of-the-art 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing (AM) for ground-breaking high-volume in-line Plastic Manufacturing

Strategic and Operations Review

Metal / Plastics Producer
TRU Group, for the CEO of a Metal and Plastic Products Producer, worked with the President of a Division which was experiencing operational and management difficulties. Conducted a financial, marketing, manufacturing, plant and operations strategic assessment. Set business objectives, production improvements and detailed implementation tasks. The Division was transformed and achieved profitability, including profitability through recession.TRU Group Plastic Product and resin consultingProduction Improvement Manufacturing TRU Group USA

Product Substitution, Strategy & Planning

Plastics Vs Metal Bathware
TRU Group recommended a competitive approach to plastic bathware manufacturing for American Standard. This involved a detailed marketing research project on bathware, especially with respect to the threat of plastics to traditional metal products, the preliminary engineering design of a plastic bathware manufacturing facility, a production cost analysis of plastics versus metal, and recommendation for production. Also see - TRU Group Building Products Engineering

Industrial Techno-economics

Photovoltaic Solar Cells
TRU Group assessed the state of technology and industry development of the photovoltaic solar cell, solar panel and solar hybrid systems market.
TRU Solar Photovoltaic Cell
Examined methods of manufacture and compared products. Cost competitiveness evaluated. Technology reviewed and long range market forecast prepared. Also see - TRU Group Energy Consultants Energy Products Consultancy USA Canada

Market Potential Maintenance Software

Process and Discrete Manufacturing
TRU Group assessed the applicability of an operations and machine troubleshooting management system for manufacturing plants. The management system was designed to assist plant managers particularly when operations break down are, or are not, meeting target outputs. Reviewed its potential use in a variety of plants - automotive, plastics and smelting and provided recommendations.

Plant Feasibility & Investment Strategy

Newsprint Pulp & Paper Mill
TRU Group carried out a marketing and competition assessment aimed at determining the feasibility of building, and wholly owning, a US$250 million newsprint mill. This was a detailed examination of the global markets and competition for newsprint including basic cost competitiveness of existing and the new newsprint plant in Canada. Also see - TRU-Group Pulp and Paper Mill Engieering

Magnesium Price Forecast

Magnesium Metal Outlook Developed a price forecast for magnesium metal taking into account complex issues such as international manufacturing cost competitiveness, energy costs, China export subsidies supply/demand, and US dumping duties, that were distorting the market. Despite recent price volatility TRU Group provided a solid price forecast. See also TRU Magnesium Team. Also see - TRU Group Magnesium Metal Alloy Smeting Enginees

Marketing Function Overhaul

Robot and Automation Equipmenttru group automation equipment and robots
TRU Group was retained by an automation equipment manufacturer to re-organize the marketing of their equipment, examine business health and costs, assist with financing, and prepare a five year plan. Introduced major change in distribution and product pricing, and overhauled sales automation methods. See also:TRU Group Manufacturing Production Engineering

Investor Document Preparation

Specialty Chemicals & Metals
TRU Was was on retainer to Tiomin Resources Inc for two years, on the development of a US$280 million Saudi chemical complex. We evolved the concept, undertook the business and operations analysis including financial modeling, prepared the Investor Information Memorandum, located a partner, and evaluated the resulting Joint Venture. TRU has prepared many other investor documents for public and private companies.

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driverless vehicle lidar sensor for road markingsManufacturing Opportunities in Autonomous Vehicle - Driverless Car - Sensor Technology

Vehicle Sensing Target Efficiencies
For a US manufacturer in the road infrastructure industry in 2017 TRU Group examined manufacturing enhancements to improve the efficiency of onboard sensors in self-driving and autonomous vehicles. The technologies included laser, radar, ultrasound, camera, LIDAR, GPS and mapping sensors. Each have their own artificial intelligence "AI" software and algorithms. TRU Group assessed developments in leading edge sensor engineering science and their integration / adoption in autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles. The work included examining potential spin-off from military, armament and aerospace industries.

Coated Spherical Graphite (for electrical vehicle batteries) Products Manufacturing

US Integrated Graphite Products Manufacturing
TRU Group Graphite Sherical Coating Machineengineered the conceptual design of a US based high tech graphite products factory using a unique naturally occurring American graphite feed. TRU Group characterization testwork confirmed amenability for the production of extremely highly purified products potentially so pure it could compete with synthetic graphite. Main output products was coated spherical graphite for lithium-ion battery anodes. TRU Group in 2019 engineered a coated natural and synthetic pilot plant also. TRU Group Graphite Plant Engineering

USA State-of-the-Art-Engineering

Pigment Powder Processing and Paint Manufacturing Facility
TRU Group engineered a new highly automated state-of-the-art paint manufacturing plant designed to replace existing conventional facilities in the United States. Also compared upgrade of several current plants with a new (consolidated) operation using leading edge equipment, advanced mechanization and automation - typically unseen in the USA paint industry.
TRU state-of-the-art-paint-plant
Allowed for efficient pigment powder and liquid processing with high precision, maximum quality and much improved productivity. See : TRU Group Engineering Consultant

Strategy, Planning and Financing

Lithium Battery - Graphite Li-Fiber Battery
TRU Group prepared technical studies, strategies and business plan for a USA developer of a breakthrough Li-Fiber battery. Beats all other re-chargeable batteries and ideal for laptops, power tools and hybrid electric vehicles. The graphite containing Li-Fiber business is a spin off from other activities in advanced composites, nanotechnology, coatings, fullerenes nanotubes and near net shape metals and alloys. The company seeks venture capital.Lithium Ion Battery Engineers Consultants TRU Group USA Canada EuropeLithium Consultants TRU Group Lithium Brine Extraction

View typical TRU Group Supply-Demand Techno-economic analysis slide-show for lithium

TRU Group Uranium and Nuclear

Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Process Uranium fuels
In North America, TRU Group has expertise in Nuclear Fuel Fabrication and the processing of Uranium fuels for use in (medical) research reactors. This encompasses the fabrication of Research Reactor Fuel and Moly-99 targets to be used for isotope production. Expertise is in Uranium-Silicide, Uranium-Aluminum, and Uranium-Molybdenum (UMo) fuels.
TRU Group Uranium Nuclear Fuels USA EuropeTRU Group has expertise in several medical devices and equipment such as surgical operating microscopes, biobanking stem cells equipment, manufacturing, processing and quality control. Our TRU Group Rare Earth Team has special expertise in Radiochemical Solution Process Engineering in the processing and handling of rare earths such as uranium and thorium or niche process design and material handling inputs to 177Lu recovery, purification, and stock recovery from isotopically enriched ytterbium.

China versus United States Market

Wire-EDM Electric Discharge Machines
For a US multi-national, TRU Group studied technology and markets for wire EDM machining and competitive machining technique trends comparing China's methods with those in the United States. TRU Group EDM molybdenum Wire Cutting Machine Assessed applications and wire use including machining cost structure. The influence of competitive environment in China, America and Offshore were evaluated.
edm electric discharge machine USA TRU Group

Material Surcharge Absorption Model

Component and Specialty Brakes
TRU Group, for a major US supplier of components and brake systems, assessed and modified their material price surcharge model. TRU changed several of the indices's and modified the fundamental operation of the model. Made recommendations for smooth customer acceptance of a surcharge introduction.

New Hybrid Motor Control DeviceTRU Group combination stratigic plan and market research

Stepper Motor Upgrade Retrofit to Servo
TRU Group Inc examined the US market potential for a new innovative device for upgrading or retrofitting a stepper motor so that it would perform as a servo motor. Conducted interviews of motor integrators, electronic equipment, medical automation, packaging and motor manufacturers. Also facilitated strategic planning program for the company: For assignment details click on picture or view: Combination TRU Group Strategic Management & TRU Group Market Research.

Econometric Technology Forecasting

S-curve Substitution Modeling
TRU Group evaluated the integrity and usefulness of a comprehensive MITRE technology foresight model. Other econometric models used in analyzing aspects of renewable energy - solar cells, solar thermal, wind, heat pumps, insulation, and other green energy - production and use were compared

Investment Search & Ranking

Oil & Gas Field Equipment
TRU Group examined market, searched for and ranked oil & gas field equipment manufacturing investment prospects based on investor's own criteria. We conducted preliminary evaluations of target companies, made introductions to our client and participated in investor negotiations. TRU oil and gas equipmentTRU Group has a strong capability in non-conventional oil & gas equipment and technology such as shale fracking : Please view: TRU Group Consultants Energy Product

Products Investment Ranking

Building Boards
TRU Group, for Rougier et Fils (Europe's largest board producer), conducted a major assessment of the potential to manufacture various board products in North America. This in-depth analysis involved marketing research, forecasting, competitor analysis and a techno-economic review. Rougier was advised to enter the wafer-board market. Also see - TRU Group Forest Based Products Consultants

World Wide Marketing

Forest Resource Development
TRU Group conducted an international business assessment on the feasibility of producing and marketing a variety of wood/paper products based on the Chiloe Island forest. Customers and trade factors were interviewed globally. Forchil undertook one of Chile's largest forest developments. TRU Group negotiated distribution in the USA for the client.

TRU is unmatched for global leadership in itsTRU Group Frontier Industries Frontier Materials

Other Example Main Industry Sectors