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TRU Group Strategic Planner Qualifications

Strategic Planning Consultant versus Strategic Planning Facilitator

Do you need a " Strategic Planning Facilitator" or "Strategy Consultant"?

If your team is dealing with strategic issues make sure that your facilitator knows strategy! You need a "Strategic Planning Consultant" or "Strategy Consultant" who conducts facilitation as part of his profession. A facilitator acting without an intimate knowledge of or abilities in business strategic analysis methodology is simply not not properly qualified and indeed can prove disastrous to your organization. Strategic planning should be collaborative but not necessarily a team consensus. A strategic planning facilitator must be:

  • Expert in business-and-competitive-strategy and strategic analysis methodology. *
  • Expert and experienced in the corporate "strategic planning process". Typically such a person only acquires this expertise if he has held a position as an in-house strategic or corporate planner for several years
  • Properly academically qualified - holds an MBA or equivalent business qualification
  • Has very strong capability in business and industry analysis
  • Is capable of offering proactive business strategy advice and be a strong "devils advocate"
  • Can relate well to the CEO [the ultimate strategic planner] or leader of the strategic planning team
  • Has substantial experience in chairing strategic planning sessions.

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