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Spectral Applied Research Inc
Ocean Optics Spectrometer with Spectral Hyper Adapter

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Spectral will be with their partner Ocean Optics, Inc. Booth Number: 617

Dr. Charlie Hersom

Spectral Applied Research Inc
(905) 326-5040 ext. 400

Providing optical instrument design and development services and optical technology applications to the measurement and monitoring markets

Spectral and hyperspectral imaging systems
Custom spectroscopic instruments and applications
Optical and opto-mechanical design
Optical instrument integration, test, and evaluation
Optical instrument calibration/characterization

Preliminary Specifications

Ocean Optics Spectrometer with Spectral Hyper Adapter

Spectral has developed the "Spectral Hyper Adapter" that can extend the spectral resolution of conventional grating spectrometers by a factor of ten. The increased resolution is provided with a single adapter unit that is designed to operate with the Ocean Optics line of compact spectrometers. The optical input of the high-resolution unit uses a 50-micron multimode fibre optic cable. The output of the unit is then fed directly to the Ocean Optics spectrometer through another multimode fibre cable where the high-resolution spectrum is obtained. [See diagram below].

The spectral resolution of a conventional grating spectrometer is limited in a compact design. The addition of our Hyper Adapter provides superior resolution in a small package. The unit can be configured to work with a range of spectrometers. A resolution of 0.005 nm can be achieved when used with a spectrometer of 70-nm spectral range. Larger spectral ranges can be used while still maintaining the same range to resolution ratio.

Wavelength range to resolution: Ocean Optics spectrometer range to resolution ratio of about 1,500:1 is extended to 15,000:1. For example, a spectrometer that covers the 450 nm range from 400 to 850 nm would normally have a maximum resolution of 0.3 nm could be reduced to 0.03 nm with the Spectral Hyper Adapter.
Wavelength resolution: 5 pm at 840 nm, for example
Wavelength range: 75 nm centered at 840 nm, for example
Wavelength accuracy: About 10-pm relative to Ocean Optics accuracy
Optical throughput: 50%
Measurement time: 1-2 seconds
Dimensions: 1¼ x 1½ x 5 inches. Separate unit from Ocean Optics spectrometer, without calibration source.

Spectral Adapter

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