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TRU Group manufacturing consultants combination of strong technical engineering expertise, business assessment, venture development and advanced integrated strategic analysis skills provides our clients with an excellent comprehensive capability for feasibility studies. Our Manufacturing Management Consulting Team has undertaken the most challenging feasibility studies for America's most prestigious companies. Our specialization in technology-intensive, disruptive and leading-edge manufacturing engineering, technology and operations in niche industry segments adds further to our distinctiveness. TRU Group comprehensive functional scope - engineering, planning and managing - and extensive experience on both technical engineering feasibility and business viability, provides the seamless integration for your feasibility study. The output includes a solid strategic business plan and technical engineering design you need to ensure your project will have the required bankability for confident management decision-making! TRU Group feasibility study assignments in manufacturing includes - tru group bankable feasibility study in manufacturing USA Europe

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ensuring the bankable value, integrity and validity or our work! No conection with equipment suppliers, no partners, no success percentage - working stricly on effort expended and fixed per diem charges.
We have conducted feasibility studies for plants and processes from $10 million to more than a billion around the world. For examples please see underManufacturing Consultancy List Consultants TRU Group USA Canada
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TRU Group Inc is a registered member of Professional Engineering Ontario Canada. Engineering assignments are managed by American, Canadian or European Professional Engineers and "Qualified Persons" under stock market securities regulations. Concepts for TRU Group Inc Technical Feasibility Study for Manufacturing: feasibility study consultant, viability study, bankable feasibility study, BFS, pre-feasibility, Prefeasibility, Sample, feasibility report, Example feasibility study, viability study, checklist for feasibility, Feasibility Study Template, feasibility assessment report, opinion on feasibility, business plan, NI43-101 feasibility, TRU Group feasibility reports, bankable feasibility study, audit feasibility report, conceptual feasibility, scoping study, TRU Group, true group, bank study, independent feasibility, feasibility analysis, paper, findings, conclusions, arbitration, comply, information memorandum, research, approval, detailed feasibility study, download manufacturing feasibility study, industry feasibility study, plant feasibility study, mine feasibility study, facility feasibility study, process feasibility study, product feasibility study, marketing feasibility study, mining feasibility study plant viable business proof