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"StrategicMindset Technology" : Technology Intensive Industrial Projects Engineers + Managers + Planners + Integrators

TRU Group Inc is primarily about engineering technology with our highly qualified resource of distinguished certified professionals, integrating next-level leading-edge engineering technology, advanced manufacturing operations and industrial analysis advice with strategies to profitably build your business. An activating catalyst to fuel your company!

We undertake the analysis required for resolving the most challenging technology-intensive issues and help you to implement a customer-focused Strategic-Mindset in your manufacturing company. TRU Group Clients range from America's largest industrial multi-nationals to the smallest of start-ups and we work extensively internationally. The client assignments are a wide variety involving -

tru group manufacturing consultants production plant for manufacture USA EU Europe The nature of our client engagement is flexible but includes Engineering & Technical Analysis, Production Engineering, Feasibility Studies and Investor Due Diligence. You can view a convenient table of our manufacturing consulting services at TRU Group Inc Solutions for Manufacturers & Industry. For more than twenty years TRU Group Inc has worked globally, formerly as Techno-economic Research Unit. We are commercially oriented working only for industry. Our management have solid directly relevant state-of-the-art industry experience career manufacturing-operations-people. We are expert Project Managers for the most challenging of projects providing an excellent fully bankable capability for integrated feasibility or due diligence studies. TRU Group are consulting industrial (marketing) techno-economists. Management Consultants in factory / plant / manufacturing operations, strategic planning and marketing with strong cutting-edge engineering and technical skills.

We are scientists, technologists and engineers: TRU Group has a distinctive capability in technology intensive industries and it is one of our core objectives to have the capability to undertake the most challenging technical assignments large or small - especially the foundation process development, pilot testing and front-end state-of-the-art engineering design package. At TRU Group "Equipment Suppliers" are not "Technology Providers". Robust front-end engineering can eliminate negative issues and wasted effort down the road and get your manufacturing up-and-running! Nealy all our work is custom and TRU Group takes on the role of "technology supplier". Our manufacturing consulting is focused for example on niche industry segments, developing sectors, new processes or novel technologies - game changing Artificial Intelligence AI road marking sensors for autonomous vehicles or disruptive - and innovative products. (Example, in 2021-22 ongoing feasibility of a 20 Gigawatt li-ion cell & battery plant; 2021 TRU Group is wrapping up an assignment on the use of 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing on the production line. Also a state-of-the-art graphite coating line for anodes used in electric vehicle ev batteries. Earlier we examined the target effectiveness of onboard equipment for autonomous vehicles "driverless cars" such as lidar, lasers, radar & ultrasound sensors with robotics, artificial intelligence, AI and vision systems). We thrive on advancing the conventional to state-of-the-art even in technologically mature industries. (Example new 2016 automated USA batch-process pigment-paint plant). At TRU Group "Equipment Suppliers" are not "Technology Suppliers". Consistent with this posture TRU Group Inc is a leader in the creation of the TRU Group Front-end Engineering-Package for innovative manufacturing and expert in TRU Group New Product / Process Commercialization. Entering 2023 new extraordinary challenges exist given the Putin's Russian war against Ukraine. To be clear, TRU Group encourages all western companies to urgently move their operations out of China and Russia: We also urge every corporation to publicly declare their commitments to do so! TRU Group also suggests that manufacturers and consumers STOP buying any Chinese or Russian products. TRU Group stands ready to assist with these moves. For example, TRU Group will boost its services to assist enterprises to find alternative trading partners to Russia and China. These alternatives include India, ASEAN countries, Mexico, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Also see TRU Group Manufacturing Engineers USA TRU Group List of Assignment Example Projects TRU Group Assignment List of FEED Engineering Types

TRU Group's specialized focused manufacturing expertise beats size - We can prove it: We are a compact highly focused firm and in the niche segments we work in few can match us. As CEO I set high standards for TRU Group - I believe above all competitors. I have successfully managed assignments involving investment decisions of many hundreds of millions of dollars (and a few over $1 billion). I have assisted start-ups to grow exponentially and obtain the financing to do so. I have many years VP and Director level experience in North American middle-market technology-intensive multi-nationals and with prestigious engineering or multi-billion-dollar investment firms. I have project managed the most challenging projects. I taught business at the Universities of Arizona and Toronto. (To view my biography click on my picture or name).tru group consultancy chemical engineer manufacture US EU Europe TRU Group can help. CHALLENGE US - tell TRU Group Inc about YOUR project and discuss how TRU Group Engineers + Managers + Planners + Integrators can work with you!
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- Ed
Edward R. Anderson, President & CEO
B.Sc.(Hons), Dpl (Market Research), MBA, FCIArb

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