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This COMPANY is ready to re-start its USA copper metal production facility in Arizona USA as soon as possible. This is to take advantage of record copper prices that are now double what they were when production was suspended a few years ago. To build a metal production plant and a new copper mine today requires many years but this existing Solvent Extraction/Electro Winning [SX/EW] copper plant and adjacent mine will be producing metal within three months of start-up. Indeed the COMPANY recognizes the tight copper supply situation: In the event the investor needs a guaranteed source of high grade 99.999 % purity copper, the COMPANY could devote some or all of the copper output to that investor.

To restart production the COMPANY seeks $28 million in financing. This is a highly profitable investment with low risk and proven long term potential. The project conservatively will be cash flow positive within 10 months of receiving funding, pay back in three years, return profits of over 60% per year and generate over $250 million in cash over twelve years. Within 10 months of start-up the facility will be producing copper at full capacity of 25 million lbs of copper per year [11,300 tpy – metric tonnes per year]. Expansion to over 50 million lbs per year [22,600 tpy] for twenty years is possible within two years based on further exploitation of the adjacent mineral resource.

Profitable very Low-Grade Copper Ores? - Technology Package

Profiting from 0.1% Grade Cu Ore 2016 Study TRU Group Inc in 2016 is studying the implementation of methods to process copper ores previously considered uneconomic. The method was developed and involves innovative designs for solution management and bacterial leaching of difficult copper ores including chalcopyrite, and can me applied to small scale operations! Working with a client TRU proposes to provide a "low-grade-copper technology package" to companies to turn previously uneconomic copper resources into viable profitable operations. Also see: TRU Group Engineering Consulting


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