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Rare Earth Space loses Magnetism as Prices Discharge!
– China actions cause REE Juniors multiple challenges says TRU Group

TRU Group Inc, Tucson, USA, Toronto ON, November 10, 2014Rare earths engineering consultants TRU Group Inc says China-controlled pricing is self-destructive and creates hurdles for western RE metal projects. tru rare earth elements price chartAverage rare earth prices have levelled off at an estimated $18,500 per t for 2014 following the steep declines in recent years. Prices have stabilized at a level below the average for 2010 before the crisis in supply began when China unexpectedly restricted exports. (See chart left) "The failed attempts by Chinese suppliers to halt the decline in REE prices was long predicted by TRU Group" say CEO Edward R Anderson.

"Rare earth metal prices are so low now that profit margins even in China may be unattractive". Strategic rare earths* are used in high-tech magnets for electric vehicles and China produces over ninety per cent of global requirements. Most western REE newcomers have exhausted their cash and have been forced into hibernation: They need more sensible operational business models to attract investors. "Trouble is that the REE juniors focus too much on geology when the real technical issues lie in highly specialized REE chemical production. Design of operations in a fragmented industry is complex but crucial to success. Unless there is a strategic change in direction I doubt whether we will see the capacity expansion that was expected” says Anderson. (See rare earth price chart / rare earth prices forecast graph above).
* TRU Group has its own REE segmentation approach categorizing REEs into "strategic", "tactical" and "commodity" products.

TRU Group Inc - is a world leader in rare earth element engineering, managing, planning and integrating.TRU Group REE Oxide Separatation Plant The TRU Rare Earth Team has direct hands-on experience in designing, engineering and operating REE facilities. The firm has undertaken feasibility studies and due diligence on major REE projects from resource through, mineral processing / dressing, RE chemical extraction, oxalate separation and metal refining. TRU Rare Earth Team has technically and financially simulated numerous rare earth engineering options and indeed studied and ranked over seventy of the most advanced rare earth pipeline projects. For more information visit our - Rare Earth Elements & Consultancy Page -REE Rare Earth Oxide processing TRU Group USA

Awaiting North Amrican or European Venue for a 2016 REE Conference
REE Rare Earth Consultant Events TRU Group USA Canada Europe

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Argus Americas Rare Earths Summit Las Vegas
June 29- July 1, 2015, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas NV, USA Program Agenda

Confirmed Speakers Include -

  • Leyi Zhu, Research Engineer, Ford Motors, U.S.A.
  • Mark Johnson, Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy, U.S.
  • Alexander Pulkert, Energy Sector, Siemens AG, Germany
  • Steve Constantinides, Director of Technology, Arnold Magnetics, U.S.A.
  • Dudley Kingsnorth, Professor, Curtin Graduate School of Business, Curtin University, Australia
  • Shigeo Nakamura, President, Advanced Materials Japan Corp., Japan
  • Zhao Lili, Vice General Manager, China National Nonferrous Metals Imp & Exp Corp Jiangsu Branch, China
  • Geoff Bedford, President and Chief Executive, Molycorp, U.S.A
  • Dr. Alexander H. King, Director, Critical Materials Institute - The Ames Laboratory, U.S.A.
  • Neal Elliot, Associate Director of Research, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, U.S.A.
  • Elbert Loois, Business Development Manager, Rohstoff Allianz, Germany
  • Siew Hua Seah, Argus Rare Earths, Asia Editor, Argus, U.K
  • Rasto Brezny, Deputy Director, Manufacturers of Emission Control Association, U.S.A
  • Andrés Susaeta, Chairman, Minería Activa, Chile
  • Lloyd Thomas, VP, Argus Consulting Services, Argus, U.K
  • Allen Kruse, Chief Executive, Rare Earth Solar, U.S.A
  • 08:45 Keynote Session
      Rare Earths in Vehicles: Current Problems and Future Directions
    • How does Ford Motor Company currently use rare earths in its vehicles?
    • The future of rare earths in Ford Motor Company's vehicles
    • The importance of diversifying supply chain
    Leyi Zhu, Research Engineer, Ford Motors, U.S.A
      The Role of the Government in Advancing Technologies

    Mark Johnson, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) , Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy, U.S.A
      The Global Rare Earths Supply and Demand Picture Following China's Decisions in 2015
    • An analysis in light of recent changes to the administration of the industry in China 
    • The ongoing problems of illegal mining and processing in China
    Dudley Kingsnorth, Professor, Curtin Graduate School of Business at Curtin University, Australia

       Changes in Downstream Demand and Market Requirements
    • The effects of the price spike on the magnet and phosphor industries
    • The decision making process and economics behind justifying using rare earths in applications
    10.45 Coffee Break
    11.15 Focus on Clean Technology
      Innovation in the Wind Power Industry and its Effect on Rare Earth consumption in Permanent Magnets
    • Rare earths in the wind power industry
    • Direct Drive technology and magnet consumption
    Alexander Pulkert, Energy Sector - Wind Power Division, Siemens Wind Power, Germany
      Are Rare Earths the New Material for the New Generation of Energy Efficiency Technologies?
    • Intelligence enabled energy efficiency
    • Semi conductors in advanced motor technologies
    Neal Elliot, Associate Director of Research, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, U.S.A.
      Critical Material Requirements in Clean Energy Technologies
    • Rare earths in HEV and EVs – is this the way forward? 
    • The phosphor industry and rare earths
    Alex King, Director, Ames Lab, U.S.A.

    Networking Lunch

    14.00 Focus on Future Consumption
      An Overview of Rare Earths Consumption
    • Consumption by industry, including glass, magnets, catalysts, batteries, metallurgy, phosphors and ceramics
    • How consumption of rare earths affects pricing trends
    • Current market issues that may impact prices
    Lloyd Thomas, VP, Argus Consulting Services, Argus, U.K.
      Permanent Magnets – Why Rare Earths?
    • The unique electronic structure that makes REEs essential to high performance magnets.
    • Small applications that require RE permanent magnets
    • Powerful applications that require RE permanent magnets
    Steve Constantinides, Director of Technology, Arnold Magnetic Technologies, U.S.A.
      Interview: Rare Earths in Solar Power

    This relaxed chat between Allen Kruse, CEO, Rare Earth Solar and Argus Media’s Rare Earths Editor Siew Hua Seah will look at rare earths in solar power – and allow delegates to ask questions about this new technology and it’s commerciality

    Allen Kruse, CEO, Rare Earth Solar, U.S.A.
    15.30 Coffee Break
    16.00 Focus on Transportation
      The Importance of Rare Earths Security for the European Automotive Industry
    • The European rare earths value chain
    • De-risking measures for rare earths supply in the automotive industry in Europe
    Elbert Loois, Business Development Manager, Rohstoff Allianz, Germany
      The Role of Rare Earths in Future Emission Control Product Development

    • Future Tier 3/LEV III regulations will drive catalyst and emission technology development
    • NOx and hydrocarbons reduction during cold start and lower temperatures will require system based solutions
    • Advanced materials, catalyst formulations, and exhaust configurations will combine to achieve air quality goal
    Rasto Brezny, Deputy Director, Manufacturers of Emission Control Association, U.S.A
    17.00 Round Table Discussions

    To conclude the day, informal round table discussions will be hosted by industry experts, to provide a platform for delegates to chat with peers about industry issues and the day’s presentations.  Drinks will be served on the tables.  Topics will be announced before the event.
    17.45 Networking Drinks Reception

    A chance for you to continue discussions from the round table session and meet other delegates in a relaxed environment.
    Wednesday, 1 July 2015
    09.00 Networking Continental Breakfast
    09.30 Focus on Supply
      The New Demand Paradigm: Environmentally Friendly Rare Earth Production
    • Downstream markets are increasingly demanding environmental excellence in upstream supply chains
    • Growing demand for more energy efficient products is a key market driver for magnetic rare earths
    Geoff Bedford, CEO, Molycorp, U.S.A.
      The Reality of Rare Earths Supply from South America

    Andrés Susaeta, Chairman, Minería Activa, Chile
      Panel Discussion – The Grandee Panel

    Join our industry experts to discuss their experience in the rare earths industry, and how they think it will change over the next 20 years. Can western consumers be encouraged not to reduce their rare earth consumption? And what will be the impact of China’s new policies on the industry and production outside of China?  The panel will give an overview of their opinions before discussions are opened up to create a unique platform for discussion across the industry.

    Constantine Karayannopoulos, Chairman of the Board, Molycorp, USA
    Eric Noyrez, Consultant - mining and refinery projects, France
    Dudley Kingsnorth, Professor, Curtin Graduate School of Business at Curtin University, Australia

    11.45 Focus on Asia
      Chinese Rare Earths Policy: From Illegal Production to Export Quotas
    • Insight into what is happening in the Chinese rare earths industry
    Zhao Lili, Vice General Manager, China National Nonferrous Metals Imp & Exp Corp Jiangsu Branch, China
      The Market Trends of the Japanese Rare Earths Industry 
    • Recent actions taken by Japanese companies
    • The market trend of Japan, as the largest user of rare earths in the world
    Shigeo Nakamura, President, Advanced Materials Japan Corp, Japan
      Developments in China’s REE Export Policies and their Impact on the International Market
    • What are the current Chinese policies? 
    • How have they been affecting the industry since Jan 2015? 
    • What are the Chinese government’s actions to prevent illegal production?
    Siew Hua Seah, Argus Rare Earths, Asia Editor, Argus, UK

Conference Attendees: ACRON AIST • Albemarle Corp – Guangzhou Office • Alkane Resources • Altichem Aminco Resources • ANSTO Minerals • Arafura Resources Ltd • ARMZ Uranium Holding Co • ATEA • Atlas Magnetics Netherlands BV • Avalon Rare Metals Inc • Baotou Hongbo TE Technology Co Limited • Baotou Xinyuan Rare Earth Hi-Tech & New Materials & Co Ltd • BASF SE • Beijing Co-Broad Co Ltd • BGR Blue Line Corporation • Bose Corporation • Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co BRP Asia Ltd • CBMM CEC Rare Earth Ceritech AG • Clearview Retirement Pty Ltd • Denham Capital DKKK • Dorfner Anzaplan EAG • Elkem Energy Group • Eramet SA Ferro Resources Ltd • Frontier Rare Earths • Fujian Changting Golden • Dragon Rare-Earth Co Ltd • GE Lighting • Golden Frontiers LLC • Hastings Rare Metals Ltd • Hefa Rare Earth Canada Co Ltd • Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation • IBC Advanced Technologies Inc • INFINIUM Integrated Magnetics • ICT Group of Companies • JLMAG Rare Earth Co Ltd • JOGMEC Kalpesh Enterprises LLC • Lynas Corporation Ltd • Magnequench • Magnesium Elektron • Matamec Explorations Inc • Mitico • Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research Corp • Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd • Molycorp Inc • Molymet Silmet AS • Namibia Rare Earths • Netchem Inc • New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organisation • Ningbo Xionghai Non-Ferrous Science & Technology Co • Northern Minerals • Oerlikon Metco Palm Inc • Pangea Exploration • Peak Resources Ltd • Phosagro Cherepovets Phuong Nam Co Ltd • Polaris Rare Earth Materials LLC • Polirit OOO • Polyfer Handels GmbH • Quaesta Capital GmbH • Rare Element Resources • Rittenhouse International Resources LLC • Robert Bosch GmbH • ROC America LLC • Satmark Global Limited • Shali Group (Pty) Ltd Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Ltd • Siemens AG • Solikamsk Magnesium Works • Solvay China Co Ltd • Sojitz Corporation • Sparky Group • Spectrum Rare Earths Limited • Sumitomo Corporation • Talfain P/L • Tasman Metals Ltd • Thyssenkrupp Metallurgical Products GmbH • Tianhe Advanced Tech Magnet Co Ltd • Toyotsu Rare Earths Corporation • Toyota Tsusho Corporation • TRADIUM GmbH Transoceanic Projects & Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd • Treibacher Industrie AG Ucore Rare Metals Inc • Umicore AG & Co • URALCHEM Rare Eartth Companies • RE Metal Technology • Download Presentation Paper • REE Expert • Consultancy Toyota Tsusho Corporation • Amazon Web Services • Critical materials Institute • Arnold Magnetic Technologies • Rohstoff Allianz • Siemens Wind Power • Stormcrow • American Council for and Energy Efficient Economy • Johnson Matthey Process Technologies • RM Technology • IMCOA • Toyotsu Rare Earths Corporation • B&C Speakers Spa • Denham Capital • Blue Line Corporation • Hefa Rare Earth Canada • Brose Fahrzeugteile, Wuerzburg • Matamec Explorations • Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth • Advanced Material Japan Corporation • Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association • Ford Motors • Advanced Manufacturing Office, US Department of Energy • BASF Corporation • Treibacher Industrie • Grundfos Management • Dexter Magnetic Technologies • Aminco Resources •

Older TRU Group Inc Press Releases on Rare Earth Elements:

Rare Earth Prices will continue to decline says TRU Rare Earth Consultant
– But the rare earths price outlook remains a high risk factor for developing western REE projects

TRU Group Inc, Tucson, USA, Toronto ON, APRIL 23, 2012– Rare earth metals consultants TRU Group says that recent attempts by Chinese suppliers to halt the six-month old steep decline in REE prices is likely to fail even though the latest february export data for rare earth oxides prices strengthened to US$144,000 per t-REO up significantly over the january figure. Export price levels in 2012 are still more than three times the average for 2010 before the crisis in supply began when China unexpectedly restricted exports. (See accompanying chart). China supplies over ninety per cent of global rare earths and sets REE prices.

Rare Earth Price Forecast 2012

"Predicting how far prices will fall and when price-stability will return to the market is complex" says Edward Anderson, President of TRU. "This is a small niche market, not a situation of supply-demand balance alone - even when this analysis is applied to an individual strategic rare earth such as neodymium, dysprosium or praseodymium. For one thing the supply shortages are artificial as they have been caused only by (reversible) Chinese Government market intervention". He said that western REE projects in the pipeline would not only alleviate supply shortages but also have a direct effect dragging down prices. Estimated production costs per t-REO are small compared to market prices and product contribution margins strikingly high. Uncertainty in the rare earth price outlook remains a compelling risk factor for new REE projects, a factor that TRU will be researching further". (See rare earth price chart / rare earth prices forecast graph above).

Anderson announced that TRU will be at the upcoming Rare Earth Summit May 2012 in San Francisco where he will meet industry players. If you would like to meet at this conference please call Edward R Anderson President & CEO, on my cell 1-520-229-7836 or email me personally at:
Download This Press Statement (PDF Format)

Upcoming Rare Earth Elements Conferences:

10th International Rare Earths Conference
Metal Events, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore November 11, 2014 Program Agenda

  • Session 1: Market Developments
    08:50 Opening remarks by Rachel Carnac, Managing Director, Metal Events Ltd, UK;
    09:00 – 09:30 “Creating value for a sustainable tomorrow”, by Jean Claude Steinmetz, Lynas Corporation
    09:30 – 09:55 “The new rare earth paradigm:  Meeting customer demand for environmentally superior supply chains”, by Geoff Bedford, President & CEO, Molycorp Inc., USA;
  • Session 2: Focus on China
  • Session 3: Recycling & Technology
    14:55 – 15:20 “Recyling of rare earths at Hydrometal Belgium” by John Broxham
    15:20- 15:45  ”Nanotechnology and rare earth separation”, by Jim McKenzie, CEO, Ucore Rare Metals Inc
  • Session 4: Focus on Magnets
    09:00 – 09:25 “Materials for magnets in wind turbines”, by Alexander Pulkert,  Wind Power, Siemens AG
    09:25 – 09:55 “Challenges for the bonded NdFeB industry”, by Khan Liu, Integrated Magnetics Ltd, China;
  • Session 5: Global consumption trends
    11:00 – 11:25 “Preparation & application prospect of rare earth sulfide”, Liu Jiangang, President, Baotou Hongbo TE Technology Co Limited, China;
    11:25 – 11:50 “Current status and future trends in the lighting industry”, by Bill Cohen, Phosphors, GE Lighting
    11:50 – 12:15 “Japanese rare earth demand and automotive sector”, by Sumio Kozawa, MD, Meri-J, Japan;


ERES 2014 1st Conference on European Rare Earth Resources 4 - 7 September 2014

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Strategic Minerals Toronto April 21-22 for the 2nd Annual Technology Metals Summit

International Rare Earths Conference Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong November 2012

Attendees 5N Plus Belgium S.A. Albemarle Inc Albemarle Chemicals (Shanghai) Co Ltd Altichem AMT & C Group Ltd Auer Remy Gmbh Arafura Resources Avalon Rare Metals Inc BASF China Co Ltd BASF Corporation BASF SE BGR Blue Line Corporation BT Magnet Technologies GmbH Brose China Co Ltd BRP Asia Ltd CEC Rare Earth Corp Cheung On Industrial Ltd China South Enterprises Chuo Denki Kogyo Co Ltd Clariant Catalysts (Japan) K.K. Colotex Co Ltd Commodity Discovery Fund Cutting Edge Holdings (HK) Cytec Industries Inc Dacha Strategic Metals Inc DKKK Dorfner Anzaplan Elkem International Trade Evans Analytical Group FOREM AG Frontier Rare Earths Geologic Resource Partners LLC Geological Survey of Japan Goldman Sachs Great Western Minerals Group Grondmet Hudson Metals Inc Indian Rare Earth Ltd IMCOA Innovation Metal Corp Intercat / Johnson Matthey Kay Investment Limited Lynas Corporation Ltd Matamec Material Trading Company Mekong Investment Ltd MEL Chemicals MERI-J MetalSafe Deposit Met-Chem Consulting Minelco Asia Pacific Limited Molycorp Inc Molycorp Silmet Mount Kellett Capital (HK) Ltd Namibia Rare Earths Inc Neo Material Technologies Inc Neo Performance Materials (Japan) Inc Northern Minerals OSRAM AG OSRAM China Lighting Limited Pacific Industrial Development Corporation Palm Inc Peak Resources Limited Pele Mountain Resources Pentart Industrial Limited Philips Electronics Polaris Rare Earth Materials LLC Polyfer Handels GmbH Polirit OOO Rare Element Resources RCMPA Polishing Technologies Pvt Ltd Rhodia Rare Earths Systems Rittenhouse International Robert Bosch GmbH Salazar Minerals Pty Ltd SG Logistics Limited Shanghai Heli Rare Earth Materials Shin-Etsus Chemical Co Sojitz Corporation SON Minerals Talfain P/L Tasman Metals Ltd Terra Commodities The Anchor House Toyota Tsusho Corporation Toyotsu Rare Earths Corporation Traxys Europe SARL Treibacher Industrie AG TUC Resources TZMI Ucore Rare Metals UDA Investment Umicore AG & Co KG Vale SA Wogen Metal Commercial (Shanghai) Ltd Wogen Resources Ltd Yara International ASA Yinkou Astron Resources Co Ltd ALCONIX(SHANGHAI)CORP. Abeh Pty Ltd ACROPOL Group Advanced Materials Japan Corporation ampi srl Baotou Huamei Rare Earth Products Co, Ltd. Baotou Santoku Battery Materials Co, Ltd. Baotou Steel Rare Earths BaoTou TianJiao Seimi Polishing Powder Co. Ltd. Chalco Rare Earth (Jiangsu) China Chamber of Commerce for Metals, Mineral and Chemicals Importers and Exporters (CCCMC) China Minmetals Group China National Nonferrous Metals I/E Guangdong Company China National Nonferrous Metals I/E Jiangsu Company China Nuclear Energy Industry CorP. China Rare Metals and Rare Earth Co. Ltd. Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracao Core Consultants Cutting Edge Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited D&M Premium Sound Solution Dande Capital Holdings PVT Ltd Dandong Jinlong Rare—Earth CO.,Ltd. Deqing Xing Bang Rare Earth New Materials Co, Ltd. FNArena Ltd Friendship (Asia)Development Co,Ltd. Frontier Rare Earths Gansu Rare Earth New Material Limitid-Liability Company Ganzhou Chenguang Rare Earths New Material Co. Ltd Ganzhou Zhaori Rare Earth New MaterialCo, Ltd. Glenover Phosphate (PTY) Ltd Greenfields Research Ltd. Grirem Advanced Materials Co, Ltd. Guang Dong ZhuJiang Rare Earth Co, Ltd Guangdong Rising Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. Guangxi Hezhou Jinguang Rare Earth Co. Ltd. Hangzhou Daming Fluorescent Material Co. Hastings Rare Metals HohhotRongxin New Metal Smelting Co,Ltd. Huanyu Industry Co.,Ltd. IK Intertrade & Capital Management GmbH Inner Morgolia Baotou Steel Hefa Rare Earth Co, Ltd. Inner Morgolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth International Trading Co, Ltd. Jiang su Geo Quin Nano Rare Earth Co, Ltd. Jiangxi Golden Century Advanced Materials Co, Ltd. Jiangxi Guangsheng Rare Earth Co, Ltd. JL Mag Rare Earth Co. JV KT Rare Metals Company LLP Kazatomprom Kollmorgen LANXESS Deutschland GmbH Luzu Technology Co., Ltd Magnesium Elektron Material Trading Company Ltd Min Aik Technology Co., Ltd. Mining Ventures Group Molycorp Inc. Molymet Beijing Trading Co,Ltd. Northern Minerals Ltd OSRAM (China) Lighting Ltd Peak Resources Limited POLIRIT OOO Qingyuan Jiahe Rare Earth Co, Ltd. Rare Earths & Minerals S.A. Resource Capital Funds Rhodia China Co.,Ltd Ruiqi Metals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fenghong Industry Co, Ltd. Sinosteel Trading Co, Ltd. Sparky Group TE Connectivity TM4 Inc. TSG Israel Uda Investments Co,Ltd. WD Media (Malaysia) Sdn Western Digital Corp. Western Digital Malaysia Xinfeng Baogang Xinli Rare-earth Co,Ltd. Xuzhou Jinshi Pengyuan Rare Earth Material Factory Yixing Xinwei Leeshing Rare Earth Co, Ltd. Yiyang Hongyuan Rare Earth Co, Ltd. Zi Bo Jiahua AMR Co,Ltd