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Salar de Uyuni Lithium Resource Gallery

Development of the World's Largest Lithium Brine Resource - Bolivia
TRU Group Inc Lithium Team - Visit with client to Salar de Uyuni

SUyuni from Spacealar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni lithium containing salt lake is large but it is challenging to harvest and process. The lithium contained in the brine is likely to be processed into lithium carbonate. It is encouraging that Uyuni is finally to be exploited but its potential has been overstated in the world press given the state of knowledge we have of the resource. Lithium mining is difficult and the processing in the case of Uyuni will be particularly tricky - a factor that the Bolivian Team in La Paz do not seem to grasp. Western parties (investors) keen to see the resource developed have given up on the Bolivians and left town! It is our understanding April 2016 that a Chinese group finally did some engineering & design - surprising since none of the China-based lithium brine-based-plants work very well. Some further strategic deep drilling exploration is required before we can accurately determine its realistic potential to produce lithium carbonate for batteries. TRU Group Inc current estimates of practical sustainable lithium production from the resource has a wide range!

TRU Salar de Uyuni Lithium Resource Picture Gallery

Anderson at Uyuni

Flooding at Uyuni

TRU Team at Uyuni Weather Station

Digging at Uyuni

Dr Ihor Kunasz (pictured above at Salar Uyuni) has visited every reasonably sized commercially attractive salar salt lake in the world . .

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Uyuni Panaramal